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45 mil EPDM Koi Pond Liner

Premium Liner For Koi Ponds, Water Gardens and Waterfalls

Pond Liner is the foundation for any Koi pond, water garden or waterfall. From a residential backyard pond to commercial water feature EPDM is the quality material choice. Anjon LifeGuard Pond Liner is Warranted for Life™ when installed with UnderGuard Geotextile Underlayment! This is the best pond liner warranty on the market. The standard warranty is 25 years when LifeGuard Pond Liner is installed without UnderGuard Geotextile Underlayment.

Anjon Manufacturing 45 mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond liner

  • Adapts readily to a wide variety of pond applications, skimmers and waterfalls
  • Remains flexible and pliable in extreme temperatures from -40 to 175 degrees fahrenheit
  • Contains no plasticizers which become brittle and cause cracks and splits
  • Resists harmful UV deterioration
  • Readily accepts pipe and hose penetrations without leaks
  • Certified fish and wildlife safe

Additional EPDM Liner Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty & 25 Year Warranty
Anjon Manufacturing warrants to the original purchaser that 45 mil LifeGuard EPDM Pond Liner™ will be free from defects in material and workmanship, and UV deterioration for — the lifetime of the product when installed with UnderGuard Geotextile Underlayment™, or for a period of 25 years if the liner is installed without UnderGuard Geotextile Underlayment™.
Certified Fish & Wildlife Safe
This liner has been tested and is certified fish and wildlife safe by Guardian Systems, Inc. Test results are published


Extend Pond Liner Warranty Add underlayment to your liner

The biggest contributors to pond liners failing are poor, unstable soil conditions and rips and tears from rocks and boulders. Shifting soil creates pockets and voids under your pond liner, forcing it to stretch under the weight of the water. Rocks and boulders placed on and around your water feature create aesthetically pleasing visual focal points. They can also penetrate, tear and harm your liner.

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"What Size Liner Do I Need?

The formula for sizing a pond liner is simple.

Pond Length + (2 Times Depth) + 2' = Liner Length
Pond Width + (2 Times Depth) + 2' = Liner Width

So...if you want a finished pond 12' long and 7' wide and 3' deep then the liner size you need is:

12' + (2 x 3') + 2' Long
7' + (2 x 3') + 2' = 15' Wide

This basic formula will work for all pond shapes.

"How Many Gallons is My Pond?"

The formula for determining the number of gallons of water in a pond is also simple.

For Square and Rectangular Ponds
Length times Width times Depth times 7.5 = Gals

For Round Ponds:
Radius times Radius times 3.14 times 7.485 = Gals

The gallons in our sample pond (left) is:

112 x 7 x 2 x 7.485 = 1,260 Gals