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Create beautiful fountain decor with these components

Atlantic Fountain and basins feature the strongest and best-designed on market. They feature a concealed water storage and support for decorative water features. Atlantic fountain basin are the easiest way to a water feature to your landscaping even for the novice installer. The feature one-piece construction which provides exceptional strength. The units have a built-in channels simplify installation, allowing the plumbing to be run on top of the basin.

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Small/Medium Spillway Basin Small/Medium Spillway Basin

Max Flow: 1,000 GPH
Dimensions: 44.125" x 22" x 16"H
Vol. Capacity: 42 Gal.

Our Price: $420.00
Large Spillway Basin Large Spillway Basin

Max Flow: 2,000 GPH
Dimensions: 56" x 24" x 16"H
Vol. Capacity: 65 Gal.

Our Price: $624.00
Medium Basin Medium Basin

Max Flow: 1,800
Dimensions: 30" x 34" x 14"H
Vol Capacity: 41 Gal.

Our Price: $435.00
Large Basin Large Basin

Max Flow: 1,200 GPH
Dimensions: 40" x 46" x 14"H
Vol. Capacity: 70 Gal.

Our Price: $650.00