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Waterfall Foam

Waterfall foam helps you fully enjoy the visual and sound effects of splashing, flowing water! We all know that water rushes to the lowest place; waterfall foam prevents your waterfall and stream from 'disappearing' beneath the rocks and stones in your feature. It fills gaps and voids, forcing the water to flow over rocks and stones, giving you the full effect you're looking for!

Liner Seam Repair

A rip or tear in a liner does not mean you have to buy an entirely new piece or roll of liner. Instead choose from one of our many Pond Liner Repair products. We have kits that come with everything you need to seam or repair your liner, as well as individual products that can help if you already have some of the parts that are included in kits.

Liner Seam Repair

Plumbing Fittings

When you buy pipe, hose, tubing, waterfalls, skimmers, pumps and any other pond products, you are going to need plumbing fittings to ensure that your pond system is operating at its peak potential. We sell every type of fitting that you could ask for, so feel free and browse through our fittings.

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25' EPDM Seam Kit
Our Price: $80.00
50' EPDM Seam Kit
Our Price: $125.00
3" x 25' EPDM Seam Tape
Our Price: $40.00
3" x 50' EPDM Seam Tape
Our Price: $80.00
3" x 100' EPDM Seam Tape
Our Price: $140.00
EPDM Pipe Boot
Our Price: $80.00
Bushing 2" SPG x 1" FIPT
Our Price: $10.75
Coupler 3" x 3" Rubber
Our Price: $24.00
Coupler 2" x 2" Rubber
Our Price: $16.99
Bulkhead 3" FIPT x 3" FIPT
Our Price: $109.00
Pipe Cutter ANPFPHC2
Our Price: $40.00