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Pond Free Kits

Create a beautiful water feature without the maintenance. We have designed these kits so you can build a water feature that can be used all year round without fencing regulation or safety hazards. These kits are designed to pump water up to the top of your feature then return down through your stream and vanish into the rock covered basin. With these kits you'll get to enjoy the sights and sounds of a beautiful waterfall while sitting back and watching the birds and other wild life come over for a drink.

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Take out the guesswork and install your vanishing waterfall today with our Pond Free kits

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Savio PondFree Packages™

Anjon PondFree® TuffTank Kits

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Pond Free Package Up to 13' Long Pond Free Package Up to 13' Long

Creates a 13' x 3' Stream with a 4' x 5' Reservoir

Our Price: $1,600.00
Pond Free Package Up to 18' Long Pond Free Package Up to 18' Long

Creates a 18' x 3' Stream

Our Price: $2,800.00