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Benefits of Pond Aeration

Pond aeration increases oxygen levels making it easier for fish to thrive in the hot summers. It also promotes growth of algae controlling beneficial bacteria, along with lowering levels of dissolved toxic gasses and ammonia. Aeration also reduces sludge build up on the pond bottom. In the winter pond aeration helps maintain an open water hole in the ice during winter. With Savio2's quiet operation, you can keep your water moving around the clock to prevent thermal stratification.

The Savio2 Advantage

Savio2 is Savio Engineering's newest large aeration system. Savio2 Aeration primarily helps break up thermocline that can develop over time in a static pond. Air is forced through the rubber membrane and circulates the water to promote higher oxygen levels throughout the pond and helps prevent fish kills from pond turnover. Savio2 creates a healthier environment during the hot summer months and allows your fish to stay in deeper sections of your pond. During winter months, Savio2 keeps a hole in the ice for natural pond gasses to escape.

Choosing the Best Air Compressor for My Pond

When choosing the best air compressor for your aeration system, it is important to take into account both the size and shape of your pond.
Size: You can easily calculate the size of your pond with the following equation— Length x Width / 43,560 = Pond Size in Acres
For every acre of pond surface area, we recommend at least one double diffuser. If you find your pond is between sizes always round up!
Shape: Round ponds provide more effective aeration than irregular or narrow shaped ponds. Typically, one double diffuser per acre at the center of a circular pond will provide sufficient aeration. Contrarily, narrow, long, or irregular shaped ponds often need two or more diffusers in order to circulate the entirety of the water volume. It may be beneficial to look at you pond from an aerial view on software such as
Google Earth to get a better idea of the shape.

To provide proper air supply to all of your diffusers, you will need to have an air pump with the right amount of power. We suggest at least 1/4 horsepower per diffuser. If you are in need of more than1.5 horse power, you can combine multiple pumps to reach your desired power level. To aerate the entirety of your pond's water volume, it is essential that you have the right amount of power and diffusers.

Conceal and Protect Your Pump

With an Air Pump Enclosure, you will be able to conceal and protect your air compressor. If air compressors get wet or too hot, they will quit working. Savio2 Air Pump Enclosures are specifically built to house Savio2 Air Compressors to ensure a seamless fit. These Air Pump Enclosures not only protect your air compressor from the elements; they also work against overheating with the help of heat-resistant tubing.
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