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Sensational Centerpiece

Host a get together that will leave your guests in awe by creating a beatufiul patio landscape. Add spillways for flowing water, pond lights to up the lime light and bring out the finest bottle of wine for a good time.

Pond Lighting Showcase your water feature once the sun goes down


We offer a variety of pond lights, both halogen and LED lights. Place these lights in the water of your pond, or on the landscape that surrounds your pond. Have a garden or flower bed? Place these lights in front of them too, and show them off!


Lighted Spillways Choose between Stainless Steel and Acrylic


Lighted spillways help showcase your backyard both day and night. This year's model comes with a bright LED light show to make late nights on the patio even better. Our lighted spillways also come with a remote control that changes the speed and pattern of the color cycle. Only want one color to be displayed? Use the remote controller to pause the color cycle at any point during the cycle for your color of choice.

SE12CC 12" 1,000 GPH $149.50
SE24CC 24" 2,000 GPH $199.50
SE36CC 36" 3,000 GPH $249.50
STE12CC 12" 1,000 GPH $169.50
STE24CC 24" 2,000 GPH $219.50
STE36CC 36" 3,000 GPH $279.50
SE12CC,SE24CC and SE36CC are Acrylic Lighted Spillways
STE12CC, STE24CC and STE36CC are Stainless Steel Lighted Spillways
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UV Clarification The advanced way to remove algae


UV Clarifiers eliminate free floating algae and micro-organisms by exposing them to ultraviolet light in a confined environment. UV raditaion kills the unicellular algae and micro-organisms which are responsible for green water. The dead cells are decomposed by healthy bacteria colonized in filter media.

MODEL Pond Size Output Price
Savio UVinex 2,500 Gal. 20 Watts $224.25
Savio UVinex 5,00 Gal. 20 Watts $254.25
Savio UVinex 9,00 Gal. 20 Watts $344.25
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Water Treatment Crystal clear water is one just one step away


We offer everything you need to create a healthy and clear pond. Beneficial bacteria, Dechlorinator, Pond Starters, Waterfall Scrubber, Sludge Remover, Seasonal Care, you name it we got it. Maintain your water feature with confidence by using our water treatments today!

Item Treats Quantity Price
Beneficial Bacteria 16,000 Gal. 32oz $27.99
Rock Scrubber 2,240 sq/ft 7lbs $60.00
Sludge Remover 16,000 Gal. 2lbs $38.40
Barley Extract. 16,000 Gal. 32oz $38.40
Pond Clarifier 32,000 Gal. 32oz $39.20
Blue Pond Dye 41,000 Gal. 16oz $16.80
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