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Kasco High Oxygen Transfer Aerators

Kasco high oxygen transfer aerators are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial aquaculture operations, industrial applications, and municipal waste water plants. Kasco high oxygen transfer aerators dramatically agitate high volumes of water at the surface to maximize exposure of water to the air for valuable gas exchange, greatly improving your pond or lake aeration.

Kasco Robust Aire Bottom Aeration

Robust-Aire bottom aeration systems provide deep water aeration for ponds and lakes. Diffused aeration is an effective method of aeration for ponds with depths greater than 8 feet. By using compressed air injected directly into the bottom of pond, a continuous flow of water is moved upward and thousands of gallons of water are mixed with little expended energy.

Kasco Aerators

VFX Fountains

The best mix of aeration and display with over 800 gallons per minute on 5hp model! Add vital oxygen to keep fish alive, eliminate stagnant water and improve decomposition of organic matter.

Kasco Robust Aire

J Series Fountains

J-Series aerating fountains improve the overall quality of water in your pond, and enhance its appearance with interchangeable nozzles to create unique spray patterns, included in the fountain price!

Xstream Series

XStream Fountains

Taking advantage of high RPM technology, the 1/2HP, XStream provides over 30 beautiful and unique laminar displays, including a V shape pattern all with a single nozzle!

Kasco LED Lights

LED Lighting

Kasco’s new LED lighting sets are ideal for any 1/2 to 7.5HP fountains. Reduced maintenance, no bulb changes, easy field replacement of fixtures, long lasting service, and a reduced price makes these lights a hit for any fountain.

Kasco Halogen Lights

Halogen Lighting

Kasco also offers Low Voltage Bronze Lights for use with the 2400VFX, 3400VFX, 3400HVFX, 3400JF, 3400HJF, 4400VFX, 4400HVFX, 8400VFX, 2.3VFX, 8400JF, 2.3JF, 3.1JF, 3.3JF, 5.1VFX, 5.3VFX, 5.1JF, 5.3JF, and 7.3JF Aerating Fountain Models.