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The Life of Koi: Understanding The Upkeep of Koi Ponds And Water Gardens

What’s the difference between a pond-less water feature and a pond?

A pond kit usually contains a bigger body of water and contains fish. On average ponds are usually 10’ x 15’ and has a plant shelf around the inside of the pond. There’s usually a biofall, which houses beneficial bacteria to grow. The bacteria is beneficial to the pond ecosystem in that it helps breaks down and wastes from the water, like ammonia and nitrogen, decaying plant debris and fish waste. If this waste isn’t properly maintained, it can become harmful to the Koi in the pond. A pond usually has a skimmer unit, which is the other important part of a low-maintenance pond.

A Pond-less Waterfall kits are masonry structures. Depending on what size and length of the waterfall, a shallow basin may be sufficient. You only need to build a reservoir large enough to hold sufficient water to keep the pump below water when the system is running.

If you want fish and plants, a pond-less water feature isn’t for you. Koi need at least 18” of water to survive, and waterless features typically only have 6” of exposed water. This rule works for plants as well. Another thing to consider is space. Pond-less features are a good choice when space is limited.

Here is an example of a pondless kit

Example of a Pondless Kit

Maintenance of a pond-less water feature is much easier than a pond. Since there are no fish and most of the time no plant, the option to add chlorine tablets to the water feature become available. Chlorine will prevent algae and make the water clear.

A pond-less kit is good if you have limited space and you want to enjoy the beauty of a pond without the hassle of keeping. Anjon has a wide selection of water features, do it yourself kits