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Fountain Lights

New ½ HP EcoFountain


Anjon Manufacturing’s new EcoFountain has 3 amazing displays. It improves the water quality of any feature while also being beautiful to look at and listen to. Most floating fountains consume thousands of watts of power. This pump is only 540 watts meaning home owners spend less on electricity. Fountain can be equipped with Ignite 3 watt or 9 watt RGB lights and the homeowner can control the fountain lighting with the remote, WiFi controller, computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Add lights to your fountain

Includes 3 Spray Pattern Nozzles

These stunning and energy efficient decorative fountains include interchangeable nozzles that produce four unique display patterns. Anjon’s floating fountains agitate and aerate the water to promote a healthy aquatic environment for aquatic life.

Classic V



Classic V Nozzle Trumpet Nozzle Lily Nozzle
Classic V Trumpet Lily
6' Tall X 16' Wide 14' Tall X 7' Wide 8' Tall Center Trumpet / 4' Tall X 32' Wide

Quick Disconnect
Quick Disconnect

The Quick-Disconnect Gives You More Size Options,
Ease and Flexibility For Your Installation

EcoFountain (without Quick-Disconnect)

Part Number Description Retail Price
AEF15000-30 Anjon EcoFountain with 30' cord & 3 nozzles. ½hp $1,500.00
AEF15000-100 Anjon EcoFountain with 100' cord & 3 nozzles. ½hp $1,600.00
AEF15000-200 Anjon EcoFountain with 200' cord & 3 nozzles. ½hp $1,700.00

EcoFountain with Quick-Disconnect

Part Number Description Retail Price
AEF15000-50QD Anjon EcoFountain with 50' cord, Quick-Disconnect & 3 nozzles. ½hp $1,800.00
AEF15000-100QD Anjon EcoFountain with 100' cord, Quick-Disconnect & 3 nozzles. ½hp $1,850.00
AEF15000-150QD Anjon EcoFountain with 150' cord, Quick-Disconnect & 3 nozzles. ½hp $1,900.00
AEF15000-200QD Anjon EcoFountain with 200' cord, Quick-Disconnect & 3 nozzles. ½hp $1,950.00