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LifeLine Rocking Piston Aeration Kits

The LifeLine Rocking Piston Aeration Kits are high flow, high capacity air compressors ideally suited for lake and bottom aeration. LifeLine Air Compressors operate efficiently in 25-foot water depths, with a maximum operating depth of 40-feet. These reliable, low maintenance units are designed for continuous or intermittent operation

Why LifeLine?

We provide custom solutions for large and small features. In the winter, LifeLine Aeration keeps a hole in the ice to protect fish, boats, and docks, while in the summer months, LifeLine keeps the water moving to deter mosquito hatches. Our aeration systems are reliable and oil-free, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use for the entire year. Aeration also speeds up organic decomposition by increasing oxidation at the bottom of the pond.