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PondBuilder Fountain Basins

PondBuilder Fountain Basins incorporate the features, strength, and ease of installation demanded by today's professional installers. Whether installing a vase fountain, bubbling rock or any type of disappearing fountain, the versatility of the fountain basin makes them the right product for single, double, or some triple fountains. With four sizes to choose from, you are sure to find a basin to fit your project needs. Accessibility is key, so our basins feature a stainless steel grate for easy pump access and a premolded channel for plumbing.

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Small/Medium Spillway Basin Small/Medium Spillway Basin

Max Flow: 1,000 GPH
Dimensions: 44.125" x 22" x 16"H
Vol. Capacity: 42 Gal.

Our Price: $420.00
Medium Basin Medium Basin

Max Flow: 1,800
Dimensions: 30" x 34" x 14"H
Vol Capacity: 41 Gal.

Our Price: $435.00
Large Spillway Basin Large Spillway Basin

Max Flow: 2,000 GPH
Dimensions: 56" x 24" x 16"H
Vol. Capacity: 65 Gal.

Our Price: $624.00
Large Basin Large Basin

Max Flow: 1,200 GPH
Dimensions: 40" x 46" x 14"H
Vol. Capacity: 70 Gal.

Our Price: $650.00