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F100 & F200 Livingponds Filters

The F100 and F200 include all the filter media you will need. Springflo is one of the best filter media on the market and this media does not inhibit water flow. The water from your pump will not be restricted and you will maintain an oxygenated biological environment. They come with a top filter pad for microfiltration and polishing the water.
The F100 and F200 are designed with bottom drain capability. When you install a bottom drain to the filter, you can back-flush the entire filter. The Springflo will drop filtered debris out of the waste line. You can now clean your biological filter with pond water, saving the bacteria instead of killing it with chlorinated water.
The top inflow eliminates the use of restrictive and expensive and expensive check valves. The water is then funneled into the bottom and funneled into a vortex. This vortex distributes oxygenated water throughout the filter media.

Adding Filtration Capacity

Savio Livingponds Filters harness the natural dynamics of moving water. Adding filtration capacity is as simple as connecting filters together. Use 3" flexible PVC pipe from the skimmer to the waterfall area. Split the flow with a T fitting, reduce the hose size to 1.5" and plumb filters! With this one easy step, you will be able to nearly double your filtration capacity!

Savio UVinex (Sold Separately)

Savio UVinex clarifier is a safe, chemical-free solution for eliminating green water. They are designed to enhance the filtration capabilities. Installation is made easy by the seamless integration into the Savio Livingponds Filters and requires no special plumbing knowledge, plus UVinex comes equipped with a 20' power cord! Coated bulb technology does away with fragile glass sleeves and is virtually maintenance-free; simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to restore effectiveness. UVinex systems also assist in the control of algae, parasites, bacteria, and other unsightly pond mess. Perfect for when there are small children and pets around! When properly used, these UVinex systems will provide clear, clean, and safe water.

Springflo Bio Filter Media

Springflo Bio Filter Media's performance is unmatched. Unlike copies, this patented ribbon encourages better adhesion and proliferation of bacteria using a special formulation of polypropylene and calcium carbonate. The textured surface is embossed with millions of dimples to rapidly secure and develop beneficial microorganisms. It does not clog and resists channeling and compaction in up-flow and horizontal-flow low-pressure filter chambers. Negative buoyancy keeps it in place. Savio Springflo Bio Filter Media provides enormous surface area while being light and compact. Shipping and storage is easier. Each roll contains 180 square feet of surface area, suitable for up to 3 cubic feet of filter volume. Simply hold above the filter and start unwinding media from inside the center. It dispenses itself! High performance, patented, clog, and channel resistant. Springflo Bio Filter Media are included in every Livingponds filter.
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Savio Versatile Livingponds Filter F200 Savio Versatile Livingponds Filter F200

Max Flow Rate: 3,000 GPH

Our Price: $679.00
Savio 22" Livingponds Waterfall Filter F100 Savio 22" Livingponds Waterfall Filter F100

Weir Size: 22" Wide
   Max Flow Rate: 5,000 GPH
   Dimensions: 24" x 26" x 34"

Our Price: $679.00