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Ponds Kits

Take out the guesswork and install your pond today with our premium pond kits. These kits satisfy the demanding needs of do-it-yourself homeowners and professionals.


Savio Pond Kits will save you time and labor, ultimately saving you money. With the all-in-one design of these kits, we save you the hassle of ordering many parts. By bundling these products, you are receiving a discounted rate on components. Here at Savio we guarantee that you will receive high quality products and parts!

Pond Kit Assistance?

Begin by choosing the size of the kit. What is the desired length, width, gallons, liner size and type of pump you choose. Then select the appropriate size kit and you will be asked what type of liner you want to have for your pond. Once you choose this, then you will find a revised list of pond kits that you are looking for.
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