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Bio-Pro Pressure Filtration

With two-stage mechanical filtration, BioPro filters remove coarse and fine floating particulates. Biological filtration promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that converts ammonia and harmful waste into healthy nitrates that promote a healthy pond environment. Built-in UV Clarifier with 18 or 24-watt bulb and quartz sleeve kills free-floating algae; a glowing light will indicate that the UV light is functioning properly. Heavy-duty, water-tight housing is easily accessible for routine filter maintenance. The BioPro Pressure Filter utilizes a 1.5" Male NPT and accepts multiple hose diameters including 0.75", 1", 1.25", and 1.5".

Savio Pressure Filtration

Savio Engineering is offering a new pressurized filter that includes our patented Springflo Bio Filter Media to remove debris and clean the water with beneficial bacteria. This filter is ideal for cleaning algae and fish waste to have cleaner, clearer, and healthier water